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Why Belgian poultry meat?

Number of slaughterings in Belgium x 1000

In terms of numbers, the most chickens are slaughtered in Belgium, with an average of 25 million chickens slaughtered per month. After three consecutive years of increase, a decrease of 2% can be observed.

Production in tonnes of carcase weight

The production of poultry meat is increasing every year.

Exports of fresh and frozen products in tonnes

Belgium exports a great deal of fresh and frozen chicken meat to the neighbouring countries: The Netherlands and France, but also to markets outside Europe. Third countries are becoming more important to Belgian exporters year after year. In 2017, 27% of Belgian chicken meat will already be sent to third countries, with African and Asian markets taking the lead.

About Belgian poultry meat

Belgian poultry meat suppliers guarantee you far-reaching quality assurance, modern professionalism and personal service to meet your expectations. Thanks to the flexible business environment, Belgian suppliers can furthermore react quickly to specific commercial questions.

Belgian poultry meat: your guarantee of quality, modern craftsmanship and a personal service
“The meat you want, how you want, whenever you want.”

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